Our anxiety simulations expose patients to social interactions, cognitive restructuring, and social skills training. As a benefit, these simulations are also a useful assessment tool to test the patient's social skills.


Phobia simulations are tools that allow the assessment and interventions for fear of heights, closed, open spaces, animals, darkness and more.


Users in spas and at home can experience different environments that can bring them joy, energy, relaxation and can stimulate their attention.

Preparing for Job Interview

This type of applications can be used by both psychotherapists to help clients get over the track to get easier employeed. As well as for companies in order to promote themselves, promotional materials can be inserted inside the videos. Also, the purpose of the applications is to prepare future employees for interviews, the company can opt for different levels of difficulty.
On the other hand, target content can be added.

Public speaking

Extensive research suggests that virtual reality can effectively improve public speaking skills. Inno technology allows you to change the number of people, the attitudes of the public and even distraction.

Sales preparations

According to studies, AR / VR technology introduces employees to a controlled environment close to reality. Unlike field work, under AR / VR the employee is supervised by the employer and can receive real-time feedback. It can also simulate different types of customers without any real consequences.


Simulations allow patients to deal with the anxieties associated with aggression, especially against repeated harassing behavior, physical or verbal aggression.